2017 Dymanic Protection Necklaces

Good fortune for 2017!


Traditionally everyone gets a new charm to optimize good fortune, get in alignment with the new energy of the year and symbolize a new beginning. Chinese folklore tradition recommends that every sign carry a three-dimensional Lucky Jade Animal Charm for the year. For the Year of the Rooster 2017, it is suggested that all of us carry a DRAGON CHARM.


The Dragon is the most compatible sign to the Rooster. HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche always taught us "When the Golden Rooster meets the Dragon, they become rulers of kings."

Intricately carved jade charms with exquisite knot work and symbolic finishing touches are featured. The Dragon's favorite gemstone is the pearl.


If you do not resonate with Rooster or Dragon energy (those born under the sign of the Rabbit or Dog have a confrontational and oppositional relationship with the Rooster or Dragon), you may wear an OX and SNAKE COMBO NECKLACE to serve the same purpose. These charms will help divert disaster, recognize opportunities, bring blessings and attract wealth.


Red is the highest yang color, representing strength and protection, while the Jade Dragon is the talisman of the year. The jade money ingot symbolizes that your career will prosper! It is said that for the strongest effect you should wear the charm next to your skin.

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