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2018 Lucky Little Rabbit Charm


Power Animal for 2018!

Want to bring some extra luck into your 2018? A fascinating ancient Chinese folk custom is to use Chinese Astrological animal charms, that can be worn or displayed, to bring good luck and prosperity. There are 12 Chinese Zodiac animal signs; each has a different character and significance.

Depending on the animal sign of the current year, different charms are used. This is said to bring optimum luck for the year. There are several animals that are universal for every year worn for good luck.


The upcoming Lunar New Year's Eve, begins the year of the Fire Dog, so the lucky animal to wear is the Rabbit “when the Dog meets the Rabbit the path to wealth becomes apparent”*  or a Horse & Tiger combo charm because these animals  are in harmony with the Dog. You would carry the new charm until the year of the Earth Pig, 2019. 


For those born under the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the RABBIT charm offers protection and good fortune when worn or carried. The RABBIT charm brings fertility to a situation and gives peace of mind and relief from worries 24/7 for the DOG, PIG or GOAT.


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