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3 Harmonies Jade - Tiger/Horse/Dog


The Three Harmonies Charm is a group of three animal signs that creates a powerful energy to keep bad influences away. The Three Harmonies Charm will enhance an auspicious year and offers the strength to get through an ominous year unscathed. Choose the Three Harmonies Charm you need by selecting your own Chinese astrology sign and thereby getting your two other protective animal signs (e.g. if you are a monkey, your Three Harmonies Charm would be the 'Rat, Dragon, Monkey' trinity).


Each animal is hand carved in jade and custom made for you. Jade, because it is precious, represents wealth and abundance. The rainbow-colored Chinese-knot cord is the symbol of longevity. Money coins, leaves, and blossoms are added to bring you more auspiciousness and greater wealth and happiness.


Each one of these charms is custom-made by Meng Lei at the time of purchase. These items usually take one to two days to be completed and are then shipped out to you immediately.