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Feng Shui Celestial Tortoise Compass


The Tortoise is one of the four Celestial Animal Guardians in Feng Shui. Symbolizing the universe, they are powerful and auspicious. The eight tortoise shell markings became the eight trigrams of the bagua which symbolize the natural world as Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Mountain, Lake, Wind, and Thunder.


The tortoise is protective as well as auspicious. Tortoises should be placed in the north or the back half of your house, but not in the kitchen. When properly activated they can also be carried on Feng Shui consultations for protection and space clearing.


The Feng Shui Celestial Tortoise Compass is made from wood with the 12 characters of the Chinese Zodiac inlaid on the shell. The shell can be opened up to show a Feng Shui compass inside with Chinese calligraphy around the diameter.


Arrives in brocade bag. Measures approximately 2" T x 4.5" L.


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