Lucky Monkey Charm Bracelets

Chinese folklore recommends that every sign carry a three-dimensional Lucky Jade Animal Charm for the Year; traditionally, each year everyone gets a new charm to symbolize a new beginning, get in alignment with the reigning zodiac animal’s energy and to optimize good fortune.                     
The Snake is the most compatible sign to the Monkey. Therefore, for most of us the Snake is the appropriate animal to carry or wear for 2016. HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche taught us that "when the Snake meets the Monkey all will be overcome by their capable wisdom.”                   

Intricately carved jade charms with exquisite knot work and symbolic finishing touches are featured on our site.

For the Year of the Fire Monkey 2016 it is suggested to wear a Snake Charm BRACELET.  The Monkey is the ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is associated with intelligence, mischievousness, trickiness, inventiveness and observation.The Snake is the most compatible sign to the Monkey. However, if you do not resonate with Snake energy (those born under the sign of the Tiger or Pig have a confrontational and oppositional relationship with the Snake), you may carry a Rat and Dragon Combo BRACELET to serve the same purpose. 

These charms will help you to divert disaster, recognize opportunities, bring blessings and attract wealth.

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