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Lumious Green Druzy Earrings

Lumious Green Universe Druzy Earrings These beautiful green universe druzy earrings have a beautiful aura and a pleasant shape. Green and silver with rainbow prisms glistening within. When worn or carried with intention one could draw benevolent actions and advancement to one's life. Because each druzy is unique, there is only one available of any druzy you see on our site. Druzy gemstones 'beauty comes from their surface covered by thousands of shimmering crystals, creating spectacular textured gems of rich color. The Native Americans of the Sedona region in Arizona believe a druzy is like a miniature galaxy: if you gaze into it you can see your future. Others believe you will find your true self. Druzys reflect back to us a small microcosm of universal energy. These druzys are individual pieces - no two are the same. Each piece is carefully and thoughtfully set in sterling silver by a gifted spiritual artesian, Shamana of New Mexico. We will be adding new druzys to the site as they become available. Marina's Tip: The whole idea is similar to the movie Men in Black: if you remember, a member of a royal family, masquerading as a diamond merchant, has concealed the galaxy dangling from his cat's collar. Druzys are great conductors made of natural crystal energies. I LOVE wearing mine. Measures 1.5” tall by .5” wide.