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We are now entering a new lunar cycle - the month of the Monkey. The animal that governs this year is the Rooster. The charismatic Fire Rooster enjoys the particular attention the Monkey brings. There will be speed in investments. Individuals born in the Year of the Dog can be especially helpful with advice.

On the world stage there will be more problems with disagreements and disputes. To help negate this influence on a local level, be a peacekeeper and don’t provoke others. Some will engage in high drama. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into the various plot twists and turns, or the emotional outbursts of unstable and reactionary people. Unnecessary drama can pull everybody down.


Instead, view it as you would a movie, and maintain a detached perspective.Meditate for compassion, kindness, and peace for the world and all sentient beings.

“Truly, compassion is a balm for many wounds.” ~ Buddha

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The Month of the Monkey in the Year of the Rooster

Rat – You will be able to overcome your perceived limitations by unleashing your spiritual energy. If you’ve been working through a past painful experience or a dysfunctional attitude, now is the time you can take action toward resolution. Pay attention to your inner voice and you will find yourself more directly aligned with the divine. Color plays a key role in healing. Visualizing the colors blue or purple around your body or actually utilizing these colors in your environment or clothing will promote an aura of health and healing.

Ox – You may feel anxiety with your work (or lack of work). This is due to an impatient attitude that you need to focus on eradicating. The key to improving your current state is to embrace inner freedom. This means adopting the attitude that there are no time limitations on your spiritual work, and that fruition will come at exactly the right moment. Impatience impedes the natural flow of realization because nature can never be hurried; it remains true to its own cycles and timelines.

Tiger – Spiritual openings occur at special moments throughout life. This is a unique period, and you are encouraged to open up your inner eye. Pay attention to the subtleties of change in your everyday life. Ask for divine guidance toward the best outcome of your long-term interests. Observe and appreciate the plants, trees, and animals you see. Notice and celebrate the interconnection of all entities and beings. This will allow you to perceive events with a much greater clarity.

Rabbit – Put some energy into reinforcing your belief in yourself and in those you love. Allow yourself the ability to appreciate the blessings in your life. Reflect on the great expanse of opportunities that lie before you. If you’re feeling confused or ambivalent about choices that need to be made, look for divine guidance through meditation. Compassion moves through you as you face every challenge and life experience.

Dragon – The universe is permitting you to take the time to enjoy the natural environment. This will allow you to reacquaint yourself with your inner nature until your personal reservoir fills with life force. If you’ve been feeling overburdened by the demands in your life, this is a great opportunity for you to take time to sort things out. Failing to take much needed rest and relaxation will cause both your psyche and your physical self to suffer. Enjoy the flora and fauna of nature as much as possible.

Snake – This month will help you heal your anxiety over lack of time, energy, and money. Allow the feelings of helplessness to dissolve away. Embrace the freedom of spirit and know that when you are impatient, you are projecting your own judgments into the situation. Hold your attention to the experience of the present moment. Then you can savor each experience of your life with joy and delight.

Horse – Horses are encouraged to accept life without judgment. This means accept your vulnerability; view it as a strength and not a weakness. This is the time to finely tune your emotional sensitivity. Be aware of outside negative energy and take proper precautions to protect yourself and your dreams. Don’t allow others to dissuade you from your true path. Energies around you may be scattered; find your center and regroup. This is a time of growth through awareness. To be vulnerable is to be alive.

Goat – It’s time to yield to a higher power and a higher awareness within yourself. Give up your resistance and get out of your own way. It’s time to release old belief systems and self-imposed boundaries. Free yourself by allowing yourself to release the worries and fears that have held you back. By surrendering to a higher power you will restore your inner core. A profound, meaningful experience will further awaken you to the divinity that is your life.

Monkey – Invoke the help of your own personal angels and guides. Spiritual teachers will assist you in understanding your current situation. Use daily readings and meditations to understand in which direction you should be headed. Do not underestimate yourself or your insights. Many times when you least expect validation, it will manifest before your eyes. Listen with your heart and experience the joy of this unique reality, which is your life.

Rooster – You will find renewed enjoyment and support in your life. Whether it’s a botanical garden, library, or art museum, put yourself into an environment that is beautiful and fulfilling on many levels. Allow that beauty to resonate in your inner being. The opposite of addiction is involvement in life and the ability to see and accept beauty and the natural state. Engage with life and be ready to absorb and participate in the genuine nourishment life offers you.

Dog – Just like your buddy the horse, you must realize that to be vulnerable is to be alive. Protect your dream and don’t let others with negative thoughts dissuade you from your path. Be aware that if there are negative influences or attitudes around you, they must be chased away for your protection. Your vision for the future could be compromised, don’t allow that to happen. This is a time of growth through awareness, and how you handle yourself in a situation could determine your future fate.

Pig – This is a time of self-discovery and a deepened capacity for love and compassion. When you open your heart and feel love for another person, animal, or nature, you expand and become more deeply connected with the unlimited and unconditional love of the universe. Resilience allows you to observe life with a more profound perspective. You’re being guided to accept your larger role in life. Trust that through divine guidance you will be able to recognize and seize opportunities to stabilize your life and the lives of others.