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We are now entering a new lunar cycle - the month of the Goat. Because the lunar calendar is a 28 day cycle, every so often it corrects itself with a “double month” and the sign repeats. In 2017 we have a Double Goat month. The animal that governs this year is the Rooster. Both the Goat and the Rooster try to make their partnership work. Roosters appreciate order; they love deeply but are not overly affectionate, while Goats love passionately; they need affection and reassurance. Both are prone to moodiness. The best scenario would be to let creativity shine.


The global economy should pick up, as the Rooster/Goat combo does well in commerce. Their differences complement each other, highlighted by the Rooster’s financial acumen and the Goat’s innovative talent.


This double month, watch for emotions to flare in relationships and be sure to keep reactionary behavior to a minimum through concise communication. Let go of judgments. Have heart-to-heart discussions with loved ones and allow them to see your true self. Speak your truth with love. The more authentic you are, the higher your chances for success in all your endeavors.


Monthly Quote: Life is full of illusions. Life is full of obstacles. Life is full of obstacle illusions. Life is full. ~ Anonymous


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Monthly Horoscope: Double Goat Month in the Year of the Fire Rooster



RAT – Now is the time to reaffirm your belief in yourself. You have the ability to fulfill your purpose even though it hasn’t yet taken physical form. Be aware that you are being guided to adopt a more balanced perspective; this will help you to increase your capacity to love those people and other living things around you which will bring you healing. Hold your highest intention toward the most positive attributes of life. You are an agent of love and now is the time to fulfill your important work.


OX – You have a tendency to want to control the outcome of events which will put you into an immediate struggle. It’s time to release control so that freshness can flow into your relationships. Do this and you will experience joy and happiness. Don’t always rely on your rational mind as it can create limitations. Accept that you are being guided by divine love and the fogs of disbelief, fear and concerns will all lift.


TIGER – Something significantly profound is cooking in the Tiger’s den. Divine guidance will direct you to a special message whether it be a poem, something you read or a vision. You may perceive a positive message from a guide or a spiritual master who is not incarnate right now. Silently bless the lives of those around you. Be observant: this is a special time when you can perceive events and emotions with much greater clarity.


RABBIT – Your internal landscape is shifting. You may experience sudden mood changes or the emergence of new ideas, desires and feelings. This may be entirely new to you but hang on for the ride of your life. You may feel the urge to travel in order to place yourself in a very different setting. This is an excellent time to observe your own inner nature. Be aware of the present moment and enjoy where you are now. By doing this you will sense the subtle shifts in your own life.


DRAGON – Transform your shadow side and let go of worry, fear and guilt. Guide yourself without dread or resistance. Redirect your inner energy to help heal emotionally so that you can continue to grow spiritually. Your ability to nourish yourself on a deeper level enables you to release bothersome habits. Transform negative emotion and pain into love. Keep your attention directed toward beauty and magic and joy will prevail.


SNAKE – The Snake can maintain calmness and serenity within and not be led astray by the continual demands placed upon them. It’s time to make a choice. Nature holds no favorites; it loves the butterfly as well as warthog equally. All is beauty regardless of preconceptions. Breath work is crucial at this time so breathe deeply, consciously and fully. Remember to share your abundance with others.


HORSE – Spiritual opportunity knocks at the door of the Horse. There is an illuminating energy that will radiate out from the divine. You are being guided to accept love into your life and to realize compassion flows through every life experience. You are blessed with foresight and will be able to perceive events and emotions with great clarity and perspective. Channel divine energy and let your creative juices flow.


GOAT – It is time to rejuvenate. You are given the permission to follow your inner child; bring it forth to enjoy and rediscover your innocent self and your place in the world around. Take time to relax in nature; find a peaceful place where you can connect with the Earth’s rhythms and practice meditation. Nature will offer you refreshment and rejuvenation, so seek out trees, flowers and wildlife. Even if it’s for just a few moments every day or once a week, you will derive new levels of energy from the experience.


MONKEY – Just like your 12 Zodiac neighbor the Goat, you also need to go out and connect with nature. This will give you the understanding you need to see the larger picture of how you fit into your world. The spirit of nature will bring healing to your self, your relationships with others, and help to re-balance your life. If you become too preoccupied with business and success you may miss opportunities to help your spouse or other family members. Deepen your bonds so that you may bring in joy to your family life.


ROOSTER – It is time to finish up old business, both physically and spiritually. Open up to guidance from the other side. You have a specific dream or aspiration that you felt was to be a part of your life: you are now being challenged to fulfill this destiny. You must face your inner demons in order to achieve your dream. This is not the time to rest on your laurels. Initiation is key to opening any opportunity so get things started and use verbal affirmations to mentally program yourself for success.


DOG – The keyword for the Dog this month is abundance. You will accomplish much and be rewarded richly. Using your creative ability and imagination to the fullest is the way to achieve your dreams. Be mindful of the integrity of who you are dealing with and what their true intentions may be. The color Green and Wood energy will play important roles in getting your momentum rolling toward greater success.


PIG – Partnerships are a key focus this month. They hold the potential for joy, love and creative expression. You are reminded that you alone make certain choices for your life by accepting this challenge. You will awaken to a new level of creativity that had been unattainable before now. You are like a new bud, full of potential but with much growth still ahead. Bring a flowering plant into your home and watch it as it blooms. This will inspire and guide you through your development into the perfect being that you are becoming.