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Monthly Horoscope: Rabbit in the Year of the Fire Rooster


We are now entering the month of the Rabbit, while the animal that governs this year is the Rooster. When the Rabbit is combined with the Rooster, they create an opposition in the Chinese astrological system. The Rooster is headstrong, self-motivated, brave and argument-prone. The Rabbit’s characteristics are wisdom, tranquility, timidity, diplomacy, serenity and consideration for others. The two natures are quite different.


An overall pattern in the world at this time will be “using a sledge-hammer to crack a nut,” meaning using disproportionate force or expense to overcome a minor problem. We could all be witness to an increase in political arguments both between parties, and even between governments. We need to stand tall in all our perfect imperfections.


This month the Tai Sway is really coming into play. Both the Rabbit and the Rooster are affected in 2017, so this month keep your corrections in place in the East and West directions: plan to do both!



RAT: This is a reminder to stay focused on your priorities, desires and intentions. Other people’s dramas or situations can distract you or pull you off course. Remain resolute and keep a positive outlook. Each day, devote some time to the projects most important to you. In regards to diet, detoxify to further help yourself keep your focus and find clarity. Create balance by nurturing your body, mind and spirit. You have the energy to complete any project, but the key again is to focus in order to accomplish your goals.


OX: Pay attention to the feminine energies around you. Some issues regarding significant women in your life may arise; this is a good time to focus on healing any unresolved conflict in these relationships. By finding forgiveness, you will be better able to balance your own female energy. Maintain balance between giving and receiving by resting and taking care of your own body as well as tending to others. By gathering together and unifying and assembling your thoughts and actions, you will find the greater part of a whole.


TIGER: Display enthusiasm in your self-expression to inspire others. You will find success sharing your ideas and receive a positive response to your great notions. Relationships are highlighted; you will find a new passion in your life whether it’s a spark in an existing relationship or with someone new. You are becoming more comfortable with yourself and through this are increasing your magnetism, drawing others toward you. Meditation is key for you this month as a tool to focus your direction and receive intuition. This will help you find yourself in the right place at the right time.


RABBIT: Stay on the bunny trail of peace, harmony, balance and understanding. You will experience a sense of wellbeing. Stretching and focused breathing are central to finding these things; it may be a good time to try joining a yoga studio. By staying flexible with your body you will gain clarity and psychic awareness--key to your sensitivity in the world. Continue showing others generosity. This will create an abundance of positive energy in your own life.


DRAGON: With the Spring comes a warm reception of prosperous conditions. Your influence will increase and you will feel more optimism toward the future. This may signify that something, someone or an opportunity you have been awaiting will arrive. Imbibe yourself with the power of crystals; you can carry them or place them in your home. You are focused in your progress toward accomplishing your goals. Should you find yourself feeling jealous or suspicious of those close to you, be careful to let it go and communicate for resolution.


SNAKE: It is time to follow your heart. Trust your inner voice and move toward your true desires. You may have recently experienced some opposition to your views or a misunderstanding, but despite challenges to your faith, you have been true to your higher self. Now the universe in turn will help you to create the life changes you seek. Your doubts will be washed away by validation through dreams or messages, and you will find resolution. You have the courage of your convictions and in the strength of your truths will inspire many to look outside of themselves.


HORSE: You have been feeling uncertainty, doubt, and instability in your current situation. The Chinese character for “nervous” is a horse on ice; as such, you may have encountered many situations that have forced you to learn and grow. When upset, we block energy and worsen our predicaments. Instead, seek the positive lessons in order to heal and flow and find support. There is an unrecognized blessing hiding; recognize it and good fortune will manifest. Gratitude will heal all wounds. Wisdom from higher realms will shine down to guide you to resolution.


GOAT: You may have found yourself feeling doubt and hesitation in some recent situations. However, you will experience the power of joy and, like a Happy Hotei Buddha, you will again feel alive, excited and purposeful. Your interests will instill in you extra energy so engage. Joy removes all obstacles and reminds us we do not need to suffer. Enjoy a good laugh and develop hobbies that bring you pleasure. Stay positive and find the humor in situations; just remember, your Peace Blossom “attractiveness to others” will be increased at this time so keep your unbridled passions at bay by using them through creative and artful outlets.


MONKEY: Now is the time to restore balance: a time of working on things that have been damaged or need responsible action to set straight. Most likely this will involve a masculine energy in your life, be it your son, brother, friend, husband or father. Heal old wounds and release grudges. By letting this anger, blame or guilt go, you will be able to foster healthier relationships with the men in your life. In the same way the light of the sunrise dispels the shadows of the night, so too will this positive energy clear your emotional environment.


ROOSTER: Spring is imminent and with it you must remove any toxic energy or harsh vibrations that may have been brought into your environment. It is time to do a space clearing and create protection for yourself. This will elevate the energies in your office or home. Wear your protective Dragon Charm and avoid indulging in toxic substances; it will only serve to aggravate the situation. Honor your sensitivity, eliminate clutter, and use Feng Shui to balance your surroundings. Do your best to be sincere and as modest as a Rooster can be in your dealings.


DOG: Update your identity so others might understand what you’ve been working on and where your interests are headed. It is time to have a heart-to-heart discussion with a loved one and allow others to see your true nature. Adjust the North or the career gua of your home if you are so inclined; see Sector 6 for further instructions on how to activate the Lucky Carriage Star in this area. Compose yourself through meditation. You will experience a self-renewal and self-acceptance. This in turn will bring serenity into your life.


PIG: You are persistently waiting for the right time to arrive as a situation is developing. Show perseverance and continue with your patience. Restrain yourself and leave well enough alone. Exercise moderation and work to remain balanced. You will have the charisma needed to attract others around you in order to move upward and forward in your career. Prosperity will flow; hang in there. Continuing to worry about money will do nothing but attract more problems. Know that everything will be okay. Stay moderate: visualize and affirm that prosperity is headed your way.