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Monthly Horoscope: Horse in the Year of the Fire Rooster



We are now entering a new lunar cycle - the month of the Horse - while the animal that governs the year is the Rooster. In the political and diplomatic scene, world leaders will need to be on constant guard, watching for intrigue and turncoats. If we as individuals can perform good deeds, it will help to buffer mankind from the effects of these negative energies and will also help to ease tensions and prevent arguments.


The alignment of Horse and Rooster brings many beneficiaries and helpful people. Take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, especially within the realm of your career. People working desk jobs or white-collar jobs will experience the highest good fortune in their career.


Stay reasonable. Because the Horse can be emotional and the Rooster can have a mercurial temperament, when you are facing a dispute or argument stay calm, level-headed, and if possible do not escalate to anger.


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." ~ Buddha


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Rat – The Rat and the Horse have an oppositional relationship so as long as you play your cards right and keep the right attitude you should be fine. Keep your focus on the positive aspects of your life and avoid pessimistic fatalism. The way you perceive your world and the attitudes you hold toward others determines the quality of your life choices. The universe will provide you an impenetrable shield of protection against criticism and jealousy. Keep a healthy helping of self-esteem and you’ll ace the month.


Ox – The Horse has the ability to pull you off course. To remedy this, we can whip six out again by releasing your attachments to all that served you well yesterday but will bog you down in the future. This metamorphosis will bring you enlightenment and restore your creativity. Hold love and compassion for others in your heart. Unconditional love will be returned to you tenfold. You will surely not only receive what you give, but receive it in ways that you couldn’t even imagine or comprehend.


Tiger – Strange brew, do what’s inside of you. You will be able to target your intentions and manifest them; let them fly unencumbered and let them show you the way you want to go. Stay detached and know that you are on point. The Horse and the Tiger are in harmony with one another: the Horse can steer the Tiger toward accessing fresh ideas and turning them into reality. Open yourself to the vast and limitless possibilities that are to come. A great mystery is revealed.


Rabbit – You are a shining example of integrity. Because of your alignment and communication with all aspects of yourself you will see the wholeness in both Yin and Yang of your being. Get in touch with rainbow energy. Pay attention to your dreams as they will bring you an important message. You will be able to cut through illusions observing truth. If others in the tangle you with cause negative situations, don’t struggle—just know that it will pass. You will be able to actively influence others in a positive manner.


Dragon – Double your pleasure and double your fun! This is a joyful time for the Dragon. Remember how easy it is to open your heart to the joy that is all around you. Spend time with Mother Nature for fun and play. Your happiness is contagious and will bring a light to other people’s hearts. You are optimistic and take confident and assertive action to reach your goals. You have every reason to be hopeful. Share your enthusiasm and have faith; believe in yourself and others’ abilities and good fortune will multiply.


Snake – The Snake will have many opportunities to make decisions that reflect reverence for life. You have the ability to rejuvenate yourself and create a calmness and inner peace. As you continue to work toward your goals remember that you are part of a vast network of life. Be sure to take care of others as well as yourself. Feel appreciation for life and your place in it. Breath work and meditation will calm you and enable you to make the right choices.


Horse – With all of the activity this alignment will bring, remember to stay hydrated. If you seem to be having difficulty concentrating or feeling irritated, fatigued, or excessively hungry, the problem could be dehydration in disguise. Visiting rivers, lakes, streams, or oceans—basically any body of water—will be beneficial. Avoid drinking chemical-laden liquids such as sodas, alcoholic beverages, or coffee. Get out there and exercise! Work up a sweat and you will be in good shape. After a good rubdown, brushing, and grooming, you’ll feel like a million bucks!


Goat – Your best friend the Horse’s influence this lunar cycle brings you the balance you need to stay focused on your intentions, priorities, and desires. Keep a positive outlook and don’t get involved or distracted by other people’s problems or demands. prioritize your own projects and be aware of these impending distractions. Spend time devoted to that which is dear to your heart every day. Through your dreams and meditations, you will be divinely guided along your correct path.


Monkey – Miraculous aid from the divine realm surrounds the Monkey. You will experience divine intervention and see the potential for miracles as if all was magically transformed. If you are experiencing challenges in your current circumstances, have faith that you are being watched over. Listen for hidden messages and signs. Be open to your dreams and meditations and be aware of the higher consciousness within you. Like your friend the Horse, it is important to hydrate especially if you’re feeling bouts of irritability or fatigue. All in all, this will be a great time for the Monkey.


Rooster – It is time to examine your perceptions. Do you have positive expectations? Do you see the world as beautiful? Retrace your steps and see the perfection of the way your life is created and has served you. How you see things is your window to the world. Make adjustments to reflect your positive attributes. Look for the beauty in every situation and you will experience the highest possible good. No time for procrastination or more preparations: now is the time to act.


Dog – Forgiveness is the key word in the month ahead. You need to accept responsibility for your life and release judgment or blame that you are holding toward others. Let go of old emotional scars. You need to free up your energy for the future and the baggage and failures that you’re holding on to are like an anvil weighing you down. This could be the final passage for many of those persistent life lessons. Nurturing love will bring inner balance and maintain physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Pig – Visualize the results of your most beautiful intentions that you know will serve you in your life, as well as others. Break away from restrictions and be free; you have universal support to create the right changes in your life so that you can experience more freedom. With the summer here it’s time to take a break so you can see your available options and reassess your goals. The universe always supports the Pig in ways of expansion, creativity, and freedom. Leave behind any situation you have outgrown. Reassert your boundaries and allow this universal support to bring about positive change.