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Year of the Fire Rooster | Month of the Pig

We are now entering a new lunar cycle - the month of the Pig. The animal that governs this year is the Rooster. The Pig is passionate and the Rooster is a perfectionist; The Rooster and Pig combination reveals a need to work on communication in order to have a positive outcome both globally and in interpersonal relationships. Through understanding and patience this intense combination can prove favorable.

The Rooster’s pragmatic energy will be inclined to squelch imaginative flights of fancy and emotional dramas, and would rather focus on the mundane business of daily living and loving. The Pig resonates from a deeper source with higher waves of emotion.

The beginning of the holiday season should be an interesting ride. Use mindfulness and remain in the present moment to see circumstances for what they truly are. Whatever the circumstances, choose the one that brings the greatest feeling of peace to your body and mind. There is always a peaceful alternative to conflict. Choose peace. This is the answer.

Monthly quote ~ - Be not thoughtless; watch your thoughts! Draw yourself out of the evil way, like an elephant sunk in mud. ~ The Way of the Buddha the Illustrated Dhammapada-the Rubin Museum of Art


Feng Shui Shopper will be closing at the end of 2017. It has been a joy, adventure and privilege to have served the Feng Shui community over the past 20 years. I sincerely hope that we can stay in touch and find future opportunities to collaborate together whether physically or consciously. Om ma ni pad me hum – Blessings, Marina Lighthouse

Year of the Fire Rooster | Month of the Pig


Rat –Your communication skills have clarity and you have the ability to carry the message of truth to many people. Your focus is clear. Listening is the key to truly understanding what others need to hear in order to progress and succeed. Free yourself of any thoughts of jealousy; Your path is unique, and to a certain degree preordained. Fate is inviting you to travel toward your destiny, but it is you who determines the manner in which you will engage your journey.


Ox – Do not let go of dreams, ideals, and creativity of your youth. Inspiration can come in many forms and manifest in your artistic endeavors, your relationships, or your home life. Allow the natural course of events to unfold and success is assured. This is a great time to start new endeavors, but be conscious of the rhythms of your opportunities; every moment counts. You are directed to take the path of peace.


Tiger – You have recently experienced a completion in the cycle of your life. This means you do not have to make the same mistakes over and over again. The true meaning of a lesson has finally dawned on you. You can only go forward from here. Follow your heart and hold onto truth. As you begin your next and newest journey, start by taking small steps and asking for help when needed. Helpful people will be there to assist you.


Rabbit – You will be receiving a download of wisdom from the higher realm. This will allow you to appreciate and share the bounty of spiritual riches with others. Your generous nature abounds with energy, and you will make the right decisions through your wisdom. Pay attention to female energy; reconnect with your mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friends. Keep your sights high, and you will overcome the minor upsets in your life. Follow your bliss to the pot of gold that is awaiting.


Dragon – Sometimes the highest wisdom is also the simplest. There is no rush, and patience is your most valuable asset. Live by this, and you can help others to find the peace in themselves. As one chapter ends a new beginning emerges; you will be constantly reinventing yourself. A rebirth is imminent. Set your goals and do not allow yourself to fall into procrastination, especially due to perfectionism. Remember, done is better than perfect. Revamp your schedule to allocate steady time to your priorities. Investing time and energy to your true priorities will bring empowerment.


Snake – You are ablaze with inspiration, living a creative life and fulfilling your dreams. Don’t allow your aspirations to be buried under the weight of mundane responsibility. Allocate time each week for your own creativity to shine. Drink deeply from the wisdom of the divine. Listen to music. This is an important time to restore harmony into your relationships. On a physical level it’s important to stretch and practice breath work. Yoga will facilitate this.


Horse – You have the ability to recognize anger and aggression towards yourself and others. You can handle the rising tide of emotion by distancing yourself from the situation until you’re better able to cope. Take responsibility for your own actions. A positive change awaits you, a multilevel shift that the universe supports. Be assertive and say no to distractions that divert you from your path. It’s time to update your profile so people can see your current accomplishments and how you have grown.


Goat – You are free of outmoded conventions and are unconcerned about other people’s opinions of you. Your courage and convictions inspire many others to brave the elements of life. Choose compassion, it is your ally. And remember love is the highest power. You are receiving love from all directions and synchronicities align in your favor. Kindness always returns, you will surely receive what you have given in copious amounts. Change will come into your life allowing you to experience more freedom.


Monkey – You’re beginning to realize that you can do it. You are now on your way and have taken a great step forward. Don’t waste your energy on overreacting or competing with those around you. Have faith; whatever your circumstances are, heavenly beings are watching over you. Over this holiday season concentrate on your relationships with the masculine energy or male figures in your life. Whether this means your father, your brother, nephew, uncle, son, or friend. This is a perfect time to heal old wounds.


Rooster – You have courage in your convictions and inspire others around you. Now that you let go of the past, you can move forward with freedom. The stage is set and the world is waiting for you to take your place in it. Don’t let others intimidate you, and never sell yourself short when it comes to intuition. Follow your inner guidance and you will surely succeed. Pay particular attention to the female energies in your life. This could mean your mother, your wife, your sister, daughter, colleagues, friends… Etc. The time is right to forgive a feminine energy from the past.


Dog – Listen to the whispers in the wind. Be true to your inner self, and give credit where credit is due. Do not sit in judgment of others; instead rejoice in their successes. It’s time to update your profile so that the world can see how you have grown and where you are today. Have faith, whatever your current circumstances are, heavenly beings are watching over you. If somebody rocks your boat and makes you feel upset misunderstood or used, the pathway to peace is through consideration of the other person’s point of view. This will cause the door to a creative solution to open. Forgive past hurts and start anew.


Pig – By guarding your five senses against inappropriate actions you will have the power to overcome all obstacles in your life - even those which you feel are insurmountable. Through affirmation and prayer invite the divine to bring miracles and resolution into your life. Helpful people will manifest and make things happen. Restore harmony in relationships, even if you have temporarily been out of tune with one another. Allow your true feelings and beliefs to be known. Your relationships will deepen because you will know that you really are loved.