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Good Luck Eye Protector


"A side door is still a door. A left path is still a path. A superstitious belief is still a belief.” ~ H.H. Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche. You’ll be mesmerized by this beautifully hand crafted middle eastern protector imported from Turkey. “Nazar Bonjuk” was born of the superstition that one person can cast a spell on another. Historically, it is thought to have originated when Anatolian artisans created blue glass "eyes" that "look" straight back at the spell-caster as if to say "I see what you're doing, and you can't get away with it!" It is now found all throughout the world. It is believed to ward off the “evil eye.” It is placed in entrances in homes, businesses, and over cash registers. This protector is a beautiful and powerful addition to a home or business and can be a meaningful gift. The kilim rug design comes in a variety of rich background colors. Blue, Red, Ivory and Turquoise as shown. The Good Luck Eye hangs amidst six decorative roses. Please make a note in the comments box if you have a color preference. Measures 4" W and hangs 12" long.