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Jade Auspicious Gourd Hu Lu Necklace


Jade Gourd Auspicious"Hu Lu" Necklace is the latest “find” from Mrs. Chen's trip to the Jade Market. This new necklace features a substantial piece of luminous jade carved into a "Hu Lu" motif. In olden times, a gourd, which is known as "Hu Lu" in Chinese, was used to store medicinal herbs. Chinese deities (such as the Eight Immortals) were often portrayed with a gourd in which they would capture and contain evil spirits.

This necklace is an enhancement for personal luck.

Hanging from this auspicious magic gourd are a multitude of beautiful persimmons, representative that "may everything go as you wish!" Jade and agate beads are featured with intricate woven black and crystal beads.

An adjustable Chinese slip knot cord makes it possible to adjust the jade to compliment your neckline, shirt and blouse.

Marina’s Tip: Very auspicous and such an exquisite piece. Protection with the message "everything goes as you wish." For the enhancement of personal luck in your environment, a natural gourd empowered with auspicious talismans may be hung near the main door to draw auspicious chi into the house.