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Jade Elephant Bracelet


Wearing this bracelet with the elephant‘s trunk raised is considered to bring good luck, excellent fortune and can remove your obstacles. This lucky jade elephant symbolizes you will have good fortune, bringing you more wisdom, mental and physical strength, power, courage, and family safety-while being stylishly accessorized! The elephant is considered an auspicious animal because the Chinese character for "elephant" (xiang 象) has the same pronunciation as the Chinese word for "auspicious" or "lucky" (xiang 祥).

Elephants are famous for their powers of recollection and wearing an elephant is beneficial to children's scholastic success--but also can be valuable to anyone facing exams. Lovely elegant jade fashioned on chocolate colored cord featuring intricate knot work. Adjustable, this is a special NEW find chosen for Feng Shui Shopper because of its rich traditional meaning. Only five available.

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