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Power of Nine Crystals 40mm


POWER of NINE CRYSTAL CHARM features: Nine genuine Swarovski glistening crystals placed on a powerful red cord. A 40mm Swarovski crystal sphere is combined with eight 12mm Swarovski crystal beads to complete this powerful Feng Shui cure. Strung on red cord and elegantly finished by artist Meng Lei. This is perfect to adjust an entire space. It can be used to "center" a home, office, or building.

In addition, it can correct angled ceilings which have LOTS of sharp edges. This could cause muddled thinking; you could also suffer from head ailments ranging from sinus problems to poor vision and headaches. Making protective adjustments is the first step to improve the Feng Shui of a home or office. Harsh edges should be on your check-list, so that no one is unprotected or exposed.

Created by Meng Lei, please allow a few days to create this powerful adjustment especially for you!

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