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Prosperity Double Fish Jade Necklace


There is a Chinese saying that "good things come in pairs." It is common to use double symbols because in Chinese, the number two sounds the same as their word for "easy." "Double fish" represents wealth and money and is one of the powerful eight Buddhist auspicious symbols used either individually or together.


Features a large beautiful piece of jade strung on Chinese knot work cord in rich chocolate brown (nurturing and grounding) with lovely black onyx beads. It is believed to bring the wearer self control and protection as well as improved decision-making and intuition. It is widely thought that black onyx can bring you the wisdom to absolve yourself of erratic bad habits.


The fish have intertwined tails. Really wonderful detail! This necklace is adjustable.


Marina’s Tip: The double fish necklace is a symbol of prosperity and in Chinese is a homonym for "easy" and always having something left over.