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Qi Lin Jade Charm


Qi Lin is known to be one of the most powerful mythological Chinese creatures. Carrying or displaying a Qi Lin is a symbol of wealth, protection, and success in school, business or career. Wearing a Qi Lin was a sign of imperial favor. In the Qing dynasty, the Qi Lin became the emblem of the first rank military official. Much like foo dogs, they are also used as guardians of the home, and can be displayed at the entrance. Legend has it that they were originally guardians of the gates of heaven. With its head being a dragon and its body a horse with carp-like scales, the Qi Lin is truly a mystical creature!


The Kirin is the Japanese form of "Qi Lin." Created with an abundant possibilities ball and finished with jade vases, it is tied together on auspicious red cord with a rainbow eternity knot.