Sacred Artwork

Sacred Tibetian Artwork

Tibetan Calligraphy by Geshe Chaphur.




We are honored to offer the sacred art of Geshe Chaphur, founder and spiritual director of Gyalshen Institute. These original blessed Tibetan calligraphies are perfect for your home or office.  


I had the good fortune to meet with him at an event held by the Yuan Yuan Foundation and asked if he would create a few original calligraphies for Feng Shui Shopper with the proceeds going to his foundation. He agreed!


He created nine calligraphies, three on each subject:


Wealth and good fortune (not only for money but all wealth, i.e. wealth of spirit, wealth of happiness).


Good Health. I know many of you have health concerns or have occupations that deal with health.  This would be perfect to place in a health professional’s office, i.e. an acupuncturist's office, psychotherapist's office, healing massage center etc.


Spiritual Growth and Focus. This is a very powerful tool to focus energy. I am so fortunate to personally have this calligraphy by Geshe Chaphur and have placed it behind my shrine table. In my Feng Shui practice I have recommended and had this calligraphy installed in an executive’s office to promote a positive focal point.


Made in California by the Loop Gallery, the frames are created by master framer Bruce Waterman. They are solid wood frames with safety plexiglass.  The double mat colors are selected especially to complement, harmonize and accentuate the subject of the calligraphy.


They are available framed or unframed.


Marina's Tip: Enjoy viewing this sacred art.  I hope you act on of this precious opportunity to bring it into your own environment. Proceeds support the Gyalshen Institute.

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