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Sandalwood Wish Granting Charm

This green sandalwood charm hangs from an eternity knot. It features - and is finished with - lovely rounded rose quartz beads. Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love, perfect for opening the heart chakra. The rare green sandalwood features intricately carved characters; "Long Yen Zhou" means "keep you safe and well." T base unscrews to reveal a paper blessing mantra. Chinese deities (such as the Eight Immortals) were often portrayed with a gourd in which it is believed that they would capture and contain evil spirits. This very special Hu Lu gourd has a removable base so you can place a fortune, mantra or secret wish within and carry it with you. The most powerful Feng Shui adjustments are those keep close to your body or carried in personal items like a purse or wallet. Measures approximately 4.7" in length.
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